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On Beauty in the Age of Gloss


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REVEALING EDEN was awarded “Best Young Adult Fantasy Novel” by the by the prestigious Books & Authors!

Revealing Eden is the runner up in the YA category of the 2011-2012 LA BOOK FESTIVAL!

The Virtual Blog Tour for Save the Pearls Part One REVEALING EDEN is in full effect, with more stops getting scheduled every day!  Click here to see our upcoming stops...

March 31
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On Beauty in the Age of Gloss

by Victoria Foyt

Tell me the truth, Sister, on a scale of one to ten, how do you rate your beauty? Hmmm. I perceive your disdain, even through the nebulous reaches of the Internet.

That's a guy thing, you say. Women don't do that.

Really? Perhaps, when you look in the mirror, you don't slap across your chest an invisible beauty pageant banner that rates your visible assets. But I bet you rate, not only yourself, but every woman that comes onto your radar, and all the time, too.



Nuns, Priests & Potters

Perfect Jobs for an Apocalypse World


If you truly believe the apocalypse is near and you’re not interested in becoming a nurse or mortician, rest easy, because we’ve got some perfect career options for an apocalypse world. Put down those young adult fantasy books, enroll where you need to, start studying and get your new career going because that Mayan clock is ticking for some of you, and for others, like you unlucky Pearls, it’s the tick-tick-tock of the birthday clock that has you on edge.


The San Francisco Book Review gives Revealing Eden 5 stars.


“Victoria Foyt creates an original and thought-provoking concept of the future Earth and those who inhabit it. Once I started reading, I wasn’t able to stop, drawn into the story by the mysteries surrounding the characters. Eden’s character—not without flaws—embodies a girl’s wish to be seen and loved for who she really is.”


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