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Just when we thought they were laying low, it seems that the Uni-Gov nabbed a bunch of Pearls in one fell swoop! Click here to read about an entire team of missing cheerleaders!

Another travesty!! This time, a Pearl girl goes missing and they try to pin it on her mother. Click here to read more about it.

This Amber went missing on his birthday! It’s tragic what keeps happening to the pearls… Read about it here.

It’s happening again. Another Pearl girl goes MIA—this time on Thanksgiving. Thanks for nothing Uni-Gov!!! Click here to get info…

Horrible news—it looks like the romantic apocalypse struck Gretchen! Another missing Pearl, and this time, it’s someone close to Eden. They’re getting closer and closer… Check out the article by clicking here.

It’s getting crazy. Another Pearl goes missing just a day after her birthday. We need to do something about this… Check out the latest article.

Oh no! It looks like they found him. Check out the article: Bones found in creek bed identified as missing Pearl male.

Missing Pearl male… he disappeared two days after his 18th birthday. It doesn’t get more suspicious than that. Check out the article from Aug. 23, 2011.

Pearl sisters missing… this article was posted on July 28th and is really odd. When do Pearls ever runaway? It’s not even a possibility. Very suspicious.

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