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Enter Eden Newman's Online Fantasy World


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REVEALING EDEN was awarded "Best Young Adult Fantasy Novel" by the by the prestigious Books & Authors!

Revealing Eden is the runner up in the YA category of the 2011-2012 LA BOOK FESTIVAL!

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Enter Eden Newman's Online Fantasy World

by Victoria Foyt

In 2007, inspired by a news story about a book trailer posted on YouTube by author Michael Connelly, I created a short video for my debut novel, The Virtual Life of Lexie Diamond, a young adult supernatural thriller. At the time, the idea was edgy, so much so that my marketing representative at HarperCollins had never heard of YouTube.



Protect Yourself With Midnight Luster



Will it be Eden's last date?


If only this was going to be just another date, just another guy, then I could relax. Instead, I feel as if I swallowed a hot load of lead that burns a pit in my stomach. My entire life depends on my "performance" with Jamal. I simply must win him over. It's either that or I single-handedly Save The Pearls. I wonder which is more realistic.


The Midwest Book Review "very much recommends" Save the Pearls Part One Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt in the December 2011 issue of the Small Press Bookwatch!


"Being at the bottom of the barrel is hard to fight up from. "Revealing Eden" is set in a far flung post apocalyptic future where darker skin proved to be a boon, and people of the lighter skin dwindled in number and found themselves on the bottom of the social ladder. Seventeen year old Eden is doomed to be outcast from her society if she does not find a mate before her eighteenth birthday, but the currents are hard to fight against. The kindness of a stranger may give her a chance to fight back yet, even as the world crushes down around her. "Revealing Eden" has plenty to consider on the issues of race and romance, very much recommended reading from acclaimed writer of novel and screenplay Victoria Foyt."


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