About Eden Newman

My name is Eden Newman. The two most important things to know about me are that I am a Pearl and I’m 90 days away from my 18th birthday. Unfortunately.

Coals look forward to the day they turn 18. In fact, they probably count the days. I wouldn’t know for sure, because I don’t have any friends that are Coals—in fact, they all hate me, except for one. The only time they ever speak to me is to ridicule me or to give me orders. While I often dream of what life as a Coal must be like, I’ll never know, no matter how much I coat my skin or dye my hair. The truth always reveals itself.

Tick tick tock—I’m scared to death of turning 18. It’s basically a death sentence for me. I have exactly 90 days left to find a mate, and I haven’t even met one single candidate. Not one potential mate has responded to my tape. I know I have to do a better one, and to make myself look and sound more appealing, but it seems useless—my mating rating is only 18%.

I’m already in love with someone who could save me, but I’m not sure if a match like ours has ever taken place or what will happen if it does. I can’t even say what or who he is. The worst part is, if it doesn’t happen soon, my fate is sealed. I’m doomed. I’ve only heard rumors of what happens—they come in the middle of the night and sear you and all your possessions or use fast-acting acid to obliterate your entire being. I’ve even heard that they ship you off to an island where everyone slowly starves and withers away.

The thing is, there’s no proof at all… and that’s because you will never again hear from those who don’t mate by their 18th birthday. I’ve gotta save myself and my dog, Austin, of course. And maybe, if I can figure out a way to do this that others can imitate, I’ll be able to save other Pearls.

On this site, I will share my last days with you—and share any faint glimmers of hope I have for finding someone who can save me. If you have any, please let me know, and if you’re a Pearl, too, join me in creating a community that may be able to help any future generations of Pearls… if there are any left.

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