Apocalypse kits—a staple for the dystopian world

April 19, 2013 in Post Apocalyptic Books

apocalypse kitsWhile rumors of an impending apocalypse abound and dystopian novels revolve around the idea of one, what should we do to prepare? For starters, getting together your emergency kit for the apocalypse world should probably be your top priority.

Obviously, your kit should contain things like water, food, a flashlight and other basic supplies like a first aid kit. Think about your favorite fantasy and adventure books and films and what the characters in dystopian worlds strive to acquire or miss the most.

When I think about living in an apocalypse world, I think something I will miss immensely is toilet paper and toothpaste. Without those two things, I think life would be pretty unbearable.

Other suggestions garnered from some of our favorite dystopian novels are:

Battery powered radio
Bedding and Blankets
Can opener
Cell phone with chargers
Duct Tape
Passport and other forms of identification

Those items should be enough to keep you relatively comfortable and healthy for a few days. If you are a Pearl, then you will also need extra bottles of Midnight Luster, wigs, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses—because all of us at Save the Pearls know what happens when we’re exposed to the sun. We’ve been prepared by all sorts of zombie apocalypse books and movies, and even the CDC has released guidelines. At this point, there’s no excuse for not having an emergency kit.image: coolmaterial.com



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