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Apocalypse kits—a staple for the dystopian world

April 19, 2013 in Post Apocalyptic Books

apocalypse kitsWhile rumors of an impending apocalypse abound and dystopian novels revolve around the idea of one, what should we do to prepare? For starters, getting together your emergency kit for the apocalypse world should probably be your top priority.

Obviously, your kit should contain things like water, food, a flashlight and other basic supplies like a first aid kit. Think about your favorite fantasy and adventure books and films and what the characters in dystopian worlds strive to acquire or miss the most.

When I think about living in an apocalypse world, I think something I will miss immensely is toilet paper and toothpaste. Without those two things, I think life would be pretty unbearable.

Other suggestions garnered from some of our favorite dystopian novels are:

Battery powered radio
Bedding and Blankets
Can opener
Cell phone with chargers
Duct Tape
Passport and other forms of identification

Those items should be enough to keep you relatively comfortable and healthy for a few days. If you are a Pearl, then you will also need extra bottles of Midnight Luster, wigs, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses—because all of us at Save the Pearls know what happens when we’re exposed to the sun. We’ve been prepared by all sorts of zombie apocalypse books and movies, and even the CDC has released guidelines. At this point, there’s no excuse for not having an emergency kit.image:



Are the prophecies and post apocalyptic books on point?

July 27, 2012 in Post Apocalyptic Books

It’s happened again—there was another zombie attack in Florida. According to the St. Augustine Police Department, 22-year-old Jeremiah Haughee went on rampage early Saturday morning, destroying a family’s patio furniture and leaping onto the roof of the house. In an assault that sounds like a chapter out of one of the most horrific urban fantasy books, when the homeowners tried to subdue him, he raced into their house, jumped one of the men, and took a gigantic bite out of his stomach. The man’s stomach injury has resulted in permanent disfigurement.

Are the prophecies in post apocalyptic books and movies coming true? Have these people caught the Heat or are they truly victims of a zombie epidemic?

This recent zombie action is very similar to the first reported attack that happened this May when a naked Rudy Eugene, known as “The Miami Zombie,” attacked a homeless man for 18 minutes in broad daylight on the MacArthur Causeway. Just like Eugene, Haughee was naked and incredibly difficult to restrain. When the police arrived, it took five of them to subdue him—that is, after they handcuffed, shackeled, tasered, and finally, tranquilized him. And that’s after he bit one of the police officers in the leg. He literally had the supernatural strength and resistance of a villain who keeps coming back in a series of paranormal romance books.

Haughee was charged with five counts of battery and released on $32,000 bail. Wow.

Ever since the first “Miami Zombie” attack, it seems like people have forgotten about the Heat and the movement to save the Pearls. More and more incidents of bizarre attacks and sightings are being reported every day—it seems like all the fears we’ve perpetuated by reading post apocalyptic books and watching zombie apocalypse films are coming to life.

There is some speculation that these zombie rampages are caused by the use of the newly popular hallucinogen, Bath Salts. All of the incidents share similar qualities, including nudity, flesh-eating and the kind of strength and endurance that characterizes antagonists in paranormal romance books.

At this point, all we can do is wait and wonder and continue on our personal paths, whether it be to save the Pearls, avoid the Heat or stock up that zombie safe house. Are bath salts and naked zombies signs of the apocalypse or just the next era in chemical highs? Are we on the brink of a cannibalistic society, the kind we thought to be the most fantastical unreality, just fodder for urban fantasy books?


Whooping cough outbreak—is it what post apocalyptic books warned us about?

July 25, 2012 in Post Apocalyptic Books


A new hysteria is stirring as worldwide reports reveal the rise of whooping cough outbreaks among children already vaccinated. Once again, people are pointing to the prophecies alluded to in zombie films and post apocalyptic books. It’s true that there’s been a dramatic increase in cases of this deadly illness, with more than 18,000 to date in the U.S., with the highest number of cases occurring in Arizona, Kansa, Minnesota, New York and Wisconsin.

For years, doctors have recommended that anyone who spends time around babies get immunized against whooping cough, as it’s a highly contagious disease. So those who have not followed this directive should not be surprised by an outbreak.

In previous years, 2011 included, that number was less than half that in the U.S. While it affects victims of all ages, it’s especially difficult for infants to recover. I agree the numbers don’t look good, but I don’t see the correlation to a 2012 apocalypse. Rather, it seems that the greatest contributor to the rise of this illness is the deficiencies in the vaccine. Instead of getting that zombie safe house together or burying your nose in adventure romance novels, I’d suggest spending that spare time researching your best medical options. Only if you’re a Coal, that is.

Organizations like NaturalNews have maintained for years that many vaccines in fact cause the same illnesses they’re supposed to prevent, such as measles or the flu. When it comes to whooping cough, Reuters recently reported that outbreaks are higher among vaccinated children than those who are not. This is based on research led by infectious disease specialist Dr. David Witt at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael. While it may sound like it’s straight out of a chapter of urban fantasy books, his points make sense—more than the outbreak being a sign of an apocalypse world anyway.

As summarized in NaturalNews:

“• Whooping cough infections are MORE common among children already vaccinated against whooping cough than unvaccinated children.

• The whooping cough vaccines have NEVER been tested for long-term efficacy.

• Doctors openly admit the vaccine “doesn’t provide lasting protection” against the disease.

• But doctors and government authorities mindlessly push the vaccine anyway?!”

So while it all may sound like the rumblings of conspiracy theory or fodder for a series of post apocalyptic books, it does make sense. It’s almost something that could be chalked up to something as simple as… a mistake or, even worse, marketing strategy.

Unless your life is limited to reading nothing but adventure romance novels, you’ll have read the media’s claims that the outbreak among vaccinated children is caused by the vaccine “diminishing” or “fading” over time—in simple terms, this means they don’t work. It’s scary to think that pharmaceutical companies and doctors are pushing vaccines on us that actually keep their respective diseases in circulation.

It’s all pretty horrifying to think about! You can either continue to live the urban fantasy and worry about imaginary apocalypse signs and the like, or read articles, research and books so that you can arm yourself with knowledge and make informed decisions about things like vaccines, medications and treatment options. Unless you’re a Pearl, of course. Then you probably have a lot less time to do any of the above.




Post apocalyptic books and cannibal attacks

July 6, 2012 in Apocalypse World, Post Apocalyptic Books


The latest cannibal attack took place last week but this time, it was in China. Could this be the result of people reading too many post apocalyptic books and watching too many zombie films? If that doesn’t sound plausible, read on.

It was caught on camera this time, when a drunk bus driver leapt on a woman, bit and chewed her face in a horrifying assault. The victim will require plastic surgery to heal extensive damage caused to her nose and lips. It was a random assault that happened in broad daylight, in the middle of a city road. Another strange incident resembling a scene from one of the most graphic science fiction and fantasy books.

The attacker, a man named Dong, drank heavily with his friends during lunch prior to the attack. He proceeded to run onto a road and jump in front of a moving car driven by a female. When she stopped the car, he jumped onto the hood and beat on it maniacally. The panicked woman jumped out of the car to try to escape, but he wrestled her to the ground and started biting. Witnesses said the driver was acting insane and was impossible to subdue. Several remarked that he looked like a villain from a horror movie or an otherworldly being from a series of science fiction and fantasy books.

The incident mirrors the Miami zombie attack, as well as some of the others that have taken place across the states. It is unknown if the attacker had any other substances in his system, but friends of his claim he has an obsession with zombie movies and post apocalyptic books. Could he have been imitating the actions of one of the most frightening antagonists? Or are we on the brink of a zombie takeover, a romantic apocalypse of sorts?

Whatever the cause behind this rash of violent outbursts, it’s got people thinking. Some are preparing for the unknown, taking precautions and going to extreme measures to ensure readiness for everything from terrorist attacks and zombie outbreaks to a natural disaster or romantic apocalypse. Time will tell. In the meantime, beware of people acting too far from the norm.

by eden

The best romance fantasy novels of all time

May 24, 2012 in Post Apocalyptic Books, Romance fantasy novels


Since I love to escape into romance fantasy novels and science fiction and fantasy books, I figured I should make a list of my absolute, all-time favorites. That way I’ll know which ones to pack in case the Uni-Gov comes knocking on my door. I’ll need some material to keep my mind distracted when I actually do have to escape. I know not what the road ahead of me has in store, so if I have a few romance fantasy novels, at least I’ll be able to have a place where I can get into a fantasy state of mind.

For awhile, I was really into paranormal romance books, so yes, I did follow the masses and check out that old classic Twilight series. I admit, it’s a favorite. I’d take it with me if I had the room.

Another of my favorite paranormal romance novels is Vampire Academy. A boarding school where vampires learn the ways of magic? Sign me up! St. Vladimir’s Academy sounds rad to me. Plus, the forbidden romance is pretty delicious.

Since I love science fiction and fantasy books, I was thrilled to find one with some romance woven in. Gifted with mysterious powers and pointed ears, Analia is held captive in a world she doesn’t belong in, When she escapes and hides on a merchant ship, she meets and starts to fall for a devastatingly handsome demon who has the power to save her. It’s a really cool and unique story, with graphic, way out there elements that take me to another world, as well as all the romantic twists and turns that set the best adventure romance novels apart from the rest.

Those are probably the only YA novels I’d have to take with me. As much as I love YA, there’s something about the classic fantasy romance novels that makes you want to keep re-reading them. A perfect example is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. It’s the ultimate tale of jealousy and obsessive love. Witnessing Gatsby’s attempts to win back Daisy’s love is just so sad and riveting—it’s like you want to look away but you just can’t.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a sort of remake of one of the most famous romance fantasy novels by Jane Austen. The idyllic town of Meryton is transformed into zombie mayhem by a mysterious plague. As the dead come back to life, we get to see a new kind of butt-kicking Elizabeth Bennet—she’s a sword-throwing zombie assassin. We follow the same story of her romantic tug o’war with the super arrogant Mr. Darcy. I’d bet he’d be a Coal in the New World.  All the fun of the best adventure romance novels but with more blood than you would ever imagine.

I think the absolute greatest of all fantasy romance novels is Gone With the Wind. I could read this book over and over again. You want to strangle Scarlett so many times throughout the book, to make her see what’s she about to lose and get her to stop with the self-sabotage. I love the ending, bittersweet as it is. It’s so easy as a reader to fall in love with Scarlett and her ability to survive, you want so badly for her to finally find true happiness. If I only could take one book with me, this would be the one.

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