Blackface or Cautionary Tale?

July 27, 2012 in Eden's Posts

Revealing Eden, Save The Pearls Part One, is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which deadly solar radiation burns the planet and kills off most fair-skinned people who cannot resist “The Heat,” because of the low levels of melanin in their skin. The survivors, called Pearls, darken their skin in order to resist the disease and, also, to appear more acceptable to the ruling majority of dark-skinned Coals.

In the novel I aimed to turn racism on its head, hoping to portray its horrors and its inevitable road to violence. The dust jacket photo shows Eden’s face half white and half dark. She is shedding a false cover, and learning to accept herself—a journey we all must take, regardless of race.

To say that a Pearl’s dark skin covering represents blackface could not be farther from the truth. It is not a comic travesty or patronization of any race. Rather, it is a cautionary tale of the dangers of racism and of the rampant destruction of Earth.

The titular character, Eden Newman, progresses from a girl who hates her white skin to someone who understands that real beauty comes from within. I believe that anyone who reads the entire book will understand its testament to man’s brotherhood and the need to respect our planet, as dozens of reviewers have noted.  Quick judgments and fear-mongering bring about misunderstanding – in this case, targeting a novel with racism when it has a strong anti-racist message!

I highly respect all races, and abhor racism. I sincerely hope that you will read Revealing Eden and grasp its message of love and hope for the planet and for all men.

-Victoria Foyt

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