Are the prophecies and post apocalyptic books on point?

July 27, 2012 in Post Apocalyptic Books

It’s happened again—there was another zombie attack in Florida. According to the St. Augustine Police Department, 22-year-old Jeremiah Haughee went on rampage early Saturday morning, destroying a family’s patio furniture and leaping onto the roof of the house. In an assault that sounds like a chapter out of one of the most horrific urban fantasy books, when the homeowners tried to subdue him, he raced into their house, jumped one of the men, and took a gigantic bite out of his stomach. The man’s stomach injury has resulted in permanent disfigurement.

Are the prophecies in post apocalyptic books and movies coming true? Have these people caught the Heat or are they truly victims of a zombie epidemic?

This recent zombie action is very similar to the first reported attack that happened this May when a naked Rudy Eugene, known as “The Miami Zombie,” attacked a homeless man for 18 minutes in broad daylight on the MacArthur Causeway. Just like Eugene, Haughee was naked and incredibly difficult to restrain. When the police arrived, it took five of them to subdue him—that is, after they handcuffed, shackeled, tasered, and finally, tranquilized him. And that’s after he bit one of the police officers in the leg. He literally had the supernatural strength and resistance of a villain who keeps coming back in a series of paranormal romance books.

Haughee was charged with five counts of battery and released on $32,000 bail. Wow.

Ever since the first “Miami Zombie” attack, it seems like people have forgotten about the Heat and the movement to save the Pearls. More and more incidents of bizarre attacks and sightings are being reported every day—it seems like all the fears we’ve perpetuated by reading post apocalyptic books and watching zombie apocalypse films are coming to life.

There is some speculation that these zombie rampages are caused by the use of the newly popular hallucinogen, Bath Salts. All of the incidents share similar qualities, including nudity, flesh-eating and the kind of strength and endurance that characterizes antagonists in paranormal romance books.

At this point, all we can do is wait and wonder and continue on our personal paths, whether it be to save the Pearls, avoid the Heat or stock up that zombie safe house. Are bath salts and naked zombies signs of the apocalypse or just the next era in chemical highs? Are we on the brink of a cannibalistic society, the kind we thought to be the most fantastical unreality, just fodder for urban fantasy books?


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