Tuesday, June 19, 2012
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REVEALING EDEN won first place in the 2012 Eric Hoffer Award for the Young Adult Category and was shortlisted for the Grand Prize!

REVEALING EDEN was awarded "Best Young Adult Fantasy Novel" by the by the prestigious Books & Authors!

REVEALING EDEN is the runner up in the YA category of the 2011-2012 LA BOOK FESTIVAL!

REVEALING EDEN is now #46 on the Amazon Top 100 Teen Science Fiction Books! Click here to see for yourself.

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Bloggers: The Opinion Czars to Readers

by Victoria Foyt

Congratulations, your novel is published! Whether you joined the DIY movement or sold it to a publisher, you're feeling great. Take a moment to enjoy this milestone. Now, get ready to switch gears. You are no longer a writer but a marketing machine. Wait, you say. Writers sit in ivory towers, churning out their next masterpiece. Unless you are a brand name author, you will soon realize that the publisher is counting on you to market your work. Especially, if you self-published.



About Eden


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How to kill zombies safely and efficiently


The Walking Dead has little Miss Eden Newman thinking about an important topic-how to endure and survive all the atrocities and threats of an apocalypse world. While Eden brings up an important potential scenario-what to do if a loved one becomes zombified-it's probably best to focus on one overall strategy for eliminating the riff raff of the undead, former friend or not. There's no doubt about it, putting these nasty brain-suckers out of their misery is the right thing to do, and the only way to ensure your own survival.


"This is an incredibly powerful novel" says Live To Read. Save the Pearls Part One Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt; catch the Q & A with the author.


"This is an incredibly powerful novel. Eden, the main character, lives in a dystopic world. The sun is no longer effectively blocked by the ozone layer, rendering anyone without adaptations, aka very dark skin, undesirable. Eden is as much of a "Pearl," aka very white, as they come. She knows her mating chances are low and desperately wants to mate with a Coal. She wants to succeed so much that her instincts fail her and she is betrayed by her Coal secret boyfriend. "


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