Can dystopian novels help you prepare for an apocalypse world?

December 7, 2011 in Apocalypse World

With thoughts of doom and gloom that loom in the form of an apocalypse world populated with zombies or the like, it seems that there are some things we can do to prepare for such an evil outcome. It’s a given that we need tools, supplies and weapons for our eventual battle with otherworldly types. While detailed plans for defending yourself are a no-brainer, how do we prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally to live in such a catastrophic scenario?

Many have taken to reading dystopian novels and post apocalyptic books like the Save the Pearls series for insight into the mindset on must adopt during such an era. While these are fictional stories, they can still help you to understand how you would think, ways to recover from loss and ideas for getting through the days and nights. Even though most tend to also be categorized as young adult books, the characters are still relatable to all ages—and readers span the gamut, from tweens to middle age.

An added bonus is that dystopian novels tend to have elements of fantasy romance interwoven throughout, to give readers a sense of hope. So while immersing yourself in this not-so-happy mindset, the reader also gets to enjoy an escape from reality, a chance to forget about the impending romantic apocalypse and focus on another character’s life. Some of the content in post apocalyptic books, for example, is so grim that it makes even the worse reality seem better and can put our blessings in perspective.

Sounds like the perfect avenue of mental and emotional preparation— you’ll get your fantasy romance fix in while getting your mind right for an apocalypse world. It’s the perfect mix.


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