Romantic apocalypse… more survival tips

November 23, 2011 in Apocalypse World

Our survival guide for an apocalypse world continues. We understand how hard it can be when you try to find a mate and think you’ve succeeded, and next thing you know, your Pearl self is on the chopping block. Here are some ways to get through a romantic apocalypse quickly so you can move on to the fantasy romance we all want and deserve.

Limit the rant. Set aside some time every day—but not too long—to be sad. Then move on to something productive, like working to help save the pearls or de-cluttering your apartment.

Go through the sadness. Feel the pain for a bit and then distract yourself by doing some of your favorite things, like reading science fiction and fantasy books, surfing, running, etc. Focus on the healing so that you can move on sooner rather than later. You can’t find a mate and your next adventure romance when you’re pining away at home.


Prepare for the next. Your ex isn’t the last potentially perfect mate on the planet, even in this apocalypse world. You will find another fantasy romance, you just need some time to heal.

Learn from the breakup. This is a great opportunity to assess your relationship patterns and see how you can make changes. Instead of burying your nose in young adult books the entire time (though that’s okay when you need some distraction),  determine what signs to look for next time. Did you move too fast? Or did you stay too long when it should have ended earlier? Focus on your role in this romantic apocalypse, so that your eyes are open next time.

Acknowledge the good and the bad. Congratulate yourself for what you did well in this relationship, and promise yourself you will not make the same mistakes again. Your relationship is not fodder for works of science fiction and fantasy—it’s a way to grow, evolve and learn how to have a healthy life. We at Save the Pearls know how important it is to have a successful relationship, so good luck to you all!

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