When it rains, it definitely pours…

October 5, 2011 in Eden's Posts

It’s so funny and true about that old cliché saying—when it rains, it pours. Now that Jamal is blatantly vibing me back, all of a sudden others are looking my direction. With the look—the “I’m trying to find a mate” one. Only Pearls, of course, but still. We didn’t get to go out this weekend because he had to cover for someone who just didn’t come to work, so today when I came in, there was a note on my desk! All it said was “Can’t wait for the rain check,” but it was enough to give me that electric feeling again. The anticipation is wildly building up, I feel like I’m going to burst when we finally go out. Then I saw him in the hall and he said, “Our first date is set—Thursday it is.” Wow. I’m counting the hours until I get to begin this adventure romance.

Then I saw this Pearl on my way home, who was actually a hottie, and he stopped and asked what I was doing tonight. I gave him my number. It’s time to diversify. Not putting all my young adult romance eggs in one basket, hahaha. Wow, I’m just full of clichés today. Time to go work on the Save the Pearls campaign!

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