Young adult fantasy romance—fact or fiction?

November 15, 2011 in Eden's Posts

I keep wondering if my young adult fantasy romance will really happen. Has the idea of real love gone the way of the fairy tale? I know that lust still exists, but what about true love? Monogamous, loyal, intense… love. I believe more in the idea of romantic apocalypse.

Just when I think it’s going well, we hit a bump. It’s like a rollercoaster—or maybe we’re just extremists. We may have jumped in too fast, and now that the climate and everything around me is so highly charged, our feelings are still electric, but it almost feels like love one moment and hate the next. He has to ignore me in front of his co-workers, because they don’t want to believe it’s true.

When I’m bingeing on young adult fiction, I pretend I’m the protagonist, and that by the end of the story, I’ll be sold on the whole idea. But the truth is, I think this whole young adult fantasy romance thing is a myth. It seems like true love is deadly love.


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