Whooping cough outbreak—is it what post apocalyptic books warned us about?

July 25, 2012 in Post Apocalyptic Books

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A new hysteria is stirring as worldwide reports reveal the rise of whooping cough outbreaks among children already vaccinated. Once again, people are pointing to the prophecies alluded to in zombie films and post apocalyptic books. It’s true that there’s been a dramatic increase in cases of this deadly illness, with more than 18,000 to date in the U.S., with the highest number of cases occurring in Arizona, Kansa, Minnesota, New York and Wisconsin.

For years, doctors have recommended that anyone who spends time around babies get immunized against whooping cough, as it’s a highly contagious disease. So those who have not followed this directive should not be surprised by an outbreak.

In previous years, 2011 included, that number was less than half that in the U.S. While it affects victims of all ages, it’s especially difficult for infants to recover. I agree the numbers don’t look good, but I don’t see the correlation to a 2012 apocalypse. Rather, it seems that the greatest contributor to the rise of this illness is the deficiencies in the vaccine. Instead of getting that zombie safe house together or burying your nose in adventure romance novels, I’d suggest spending that spare time researching your best medical options. Only if you’re a Coal, that is.

Organizations like NaturalNews have maintained for years that many vaccines in fact cause the same illnesses they’re supposed to prevent, such as measles or the flu. When it comes to whooping cough, Reuters recently reported that outbreaks are higher among vaccinated children than those who are not. This is based on research led by infectious disease specialist Dr. David Witt at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael. While it may sound like it’s straight out of a chapter of urban fantasy books, his points make sense—more than the outbreak being a sign of an apocalypse world anyway.

As summarized in NaturalNews:

“• Whooping cough infections are MORE common among children already vaccinated against whooping cough than unvaccinated children.

• The whooping cough vaccines have NEVER been tested for long-term efficacy.

• Doctors openly admit the vaccine “doesn’t provide lasting protection” against the disease.

• But doctors and government authorities mindlessly push the vaccine anyway?!”

So while it all may sound like the rumblings of conspiracy theory or fodder for a series of post apocalyptic books, it does make sense. It’s almost something that could be chalked up to something as simple as… a mistake or, even worse, marketing strategy.

Unless your life is limited to reading nothing but adventure romance novels, you’ll have read the media’s claims that the outbreak among vaccinated children is caused by the vaccine “diminishing” or “fading” over time—in simple terms, this means they don’t work. It’s scary to think that pharmaceutical companies and doctors are pushing vaccines on us that actually keep their respective diseases in circulation.

It’s all pretty horrifying to think about! You can either continue to live the urban fantasy and worry about imaginary apocalypse signs and the like, or read articles, research and books so that you can arm yourself with knowledge and make informed decisions about things like vaccines, medications and treatment options. Unless you’re a Pearl, of course. Then you probably have a lot less time to do any of the above.




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