Winds of change— signs of fantasy romance or an apocalypse?

April 3, 2012 in Fantasy romance

The winds were CRAZY this weekend! I love how it gets all windy after a storm—it feels very cleansing, like the winds of change are here to get rid of all the baggage and garbage that stands in our way. It’s like it comes to clear a path for us to achieve our dreams and help us find true love, the kind we read about in fantasy romance novels.
Or maybe not—perhaps the winds are actually a sign of an apocalypse. Many post apocalyptic books point to gusting winds foreshadowing natural disasters, alien invasions and other scary stuff. Last year, there were reports that strong winds in Australia caused a waterfall to flow upwards, sparking fears that the dreaded end of the world was on its way. But we’re all still here, and as far as I know, the world has not ended yet.

I’m hoping it’s just what I’ve believed since I was little—the winds will clear all the bad out of our lives and bring something good in its place. Okay, as I read that sentence, I feel like I sound naïve. I’m just trying to believe in something, since all that I know is that the tick tick tock of the clock promises me one thing—absolute doom. That is, unless Jamal agrees to turn our fantasy romance into the real deal and basically saves me.

It’s so weird to think that if we lived in the Old World, none of this would matter. I wouldn’t care about mating—I know that some people didn’t mate until their 30s or even 40s—and some didn’t mate at all! In lots of the post apocalyptic books I’ve read, they talk about all the single people banding together—and they’re of all ages. The only single people in my world are girls under 18 and guys that are under 25.

Even if my father’s experiment really does help save the pearls, what will we be left with? Where would all the people who adapt go and live, and would they be able to mate—or even want to? When I read fantasy romance novels, my one and only vice, it seems like love really comes from a different place, where you can choose what you want to do with your life.

If the winds are a sign of the end, I wonder what we would be left with afterward. Since we’ve already survived the Great Meltdown, I wonder how much else could really be destroyed anyway. Maybe the Uni-Gov would be totally annihilated, and there would be no need to save the pearls any longer—we would all be roaming free, our only focus being surviving out there in the new world. I could see myself hiding in a cave somewhere, with my stash of young adult books, hiding from everyone, only leaving my cave to find Oxy if I ran out. That would be all I needed—I honestly don’t think I’d care about mating.

I guess time will tell. But whenever there’s a wind storm, I eye my little apocalypse survival kit in the corner of my room—it’s got enough Oxy to survive for awhile, a few extra things to wear, some Midnight Luster, and of course, a small stash of young adult books. I think I’d be set. No worrying about whether or not Jamal really has feelings for me or what each day brings as I get closer to my 18th birthday. No friends disappearing, no Uni-Gov breathing down my neck, just peace and quiet in some little cave somewhere. I know it’s a weird dream, but when the days of your life are being counted down, an existence of nothingness sounds perfect.


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