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by eden

Eclipses and adventure romance novels

June 1, 2012 in Adventure romance tips


We have a rare eclipse on Monday—a full moon eclipse during the “supermoon.” It’s interesting to me because it seems like a lot of adventure romance novels deal with themes of either a full moon or an eclipse. Some books even have either in their title.  It’s like there’s a fascination with the power of the moon. I’ve met people who believe it can give you extraordinary powers while others think the moon it can cause mood swings or even crazy behavior. They say that the crime incidents increase and jails overflow during full moons.

Lunar eclipses occur when the sun, full moon and Earth are perfectly lined up so that the moon crosses through the shadow of Earth. This one in particular occurs two weeks after the solar eclipse, and in the middle of a rare Venus Occultation, so this window of time right now is a powerful one of transformation. Apparently, we can use this period to change our lives. It makes sense then that so many books, particularly paranormal romance books, use this in their plot to explain or attribute supernatural powers and magical forces.

Astrologers say this is a time to focus on what you want out of life. This has really got me thinking less about all my adventure romance novels and more about reality. In her astrology column, astrologer Kristin Fontana states “This period of time could very well represent life altering changes of direction on the path after re-thinking what you now need at this point in your life or you could experience surprise calls, emails or  visits from people from your past as Venus is retrograde in the middle of it all. Everything that is unresolved is making its way to the surface for you to review, refine and work though if necessary which will just about guarantee personal evolution.”

Obviously, this makes me think about my situation with Jamal, and the bigger picture of the Save the Pearls campaign. It makes me wonder if I can really make a difference. Is it possible to have the same kind of influence that characters in paranormal romance books have during a full moon or eclipse? If so, how can I tap into it?

I honestly think that we could all avoid a romantic apocalypse if we do something to help our class as a whole. Of course, that’s why I started the Save the Pearls campaign—I really thought that just a few of us could make a difference. Now I’m wondering how to take this little window of time to make something happen. I have so little time left myself and it’s making me look for any sign of hope.

Whether I escape the fate of my romantic apocalypse or not, I hope that someone out there has the power to change the fate of all the Pearls. Whether we use energy from the moon and stars, an underground network or we get help from the outside, one thing is for sure—we’ve got to do something.



Adventure romance novels can help you find a mate

May 11, 2012 in Adventure romance tips


I know about the surge of popularity in dystopia right now. Heard all about it, read all about it—it’s everywhere. Yet while many Pearls bury their noses in post apocalyptic books, they could be reading something that could actually help them with their plight. Yes, dystopia is something we can all relate to, but if you really need an escape, you may as well have it be through something that can help you as well. It’s all about multitasking in this apocalypse world!

So put down the apocalypse world novels and focus on the task at hand—finding a mate. If you truly find it necessary to partake in the primitive act of reading, then pick up something you can get insight and tips from: adventure romance novels!

Yes, adventure romance novels can be silly, but you can learn about the push and pull that so many relationships endure before taking the big step of commitment. You can see how a romantic hero woos his heroine, and how she holds out a little and doesn’t give him the whole package all at once. Reading these types of books can allow you to see patterns that occur and what to expect when you think you’ve found the one.

The difference is, this is the one who may save your life. It’s more important than anything else right now.

When I was younger, I used to love post apocalyptic books, but now I realize it’s just because I could relate to the settings and worlds they took place in. Plus, I appreciated the plight of the protagonists. But since I already live in an apocalypse world, I’m not really going to learn anything from those types of novels. I soon realized that if I wanted to learn about relationships and how to catch myself a mate, I needed to pick up a few series of adventure romance novels so I could see how this mating thing was done. While they can be really sappy and unrealistic in some ways, they also taught me how to behave if I wanted certain reactions, and more importantly, how to attract others and be an appealing mate.

Once I put down the apocalypse world novels and urban fantasy books and picked up the ones about romance, I became a male magnet. Luckily, I’m a Coal, but I still truly believe that people of all races and classes can benefit from reading about romance, even Pearls. Plus, it’s a much more optimistic form of literature—while I love the darkness of apocalyptic books and most urban fantasy books, reading about love and happily ever after gave me a little bit of hope and an actual escape from the evil world ours evolved into after the Heat came. I truly think it made me a more positive and confident person, which in turn, helped me get where I am today—MATED!

by eden

It’s either Save the Pearls or my last date

April 19, 2012 in Adventure romance tips


If only this was going to be just another date, just another guy, then I could relax. Instead, I feel as if I swallowed a hot load of lead that burns a pit in my stomach. My entire life depends on my “performance” with Jamal. I simply must win him over. It’s either that or I single-handedly save the Pearls. I wonder which is more realistic.

If only he will say the words I long to hear: “Eden, I’m going to pick up your mating option.” Then, I’d be safe. But I know that life isn’t some young adult fantasy novel. It can be harsh and difficult, especially when you’re a Pearl.

Of course, I don’t expect Jamal to ask if he can be my mate, like one of those silly sayings from the Old World written on a heart-shaped box: will you be mine? All the saints are dead now, especially Saint Valentine, because love went the way of the dolphins after the Great Meltdown. The real chance of me finding an adventure romance are slim to none.

A girl like me, blond and blue-eyed with an embarrassing low mate-rate of 15%, can only dream of getting a mate, any mate. Let’s face it: I’m a Pearl, a white, good-for-nothing, bottom of the barrel outcast. Jamal is a Coal with beautiful mahogany-colored skin, skin that’s dark enough to resist the deadly rays of the overheated sun. Why, he could have almost anyone he wanted as a mate.

So why on this Once Green Earth would he want me?

And yet, I dare to hope it’s true. From the moment we first met, Jamal seemed different from Them. He flashed that killer grin and spoke to me as if he could see past my ugly skin color, as if he could see the Real Eden. I mean, why else would he waste his time with me if he didn’t like me?

He says he likes smart females—maybe that explains the attraction. I admit I’ve tried to impress him, dangling bits of information from the research I’m doing for Father. It’s top-secret, but after all, Jamal is head of security. Besides, what do I have to offer other than my intelligence? For Earth’s sake, at least some of my genetics are worth passing on! Yes, that must be it; Jamal must like me for my mind! While he does tease me for reading all those young adult fantasy novels, he knows that’s just my way of escaping. And boy, do I need to escape.

I know it’s crazy but I suspect he might decide my fate in a few hours when we meet. He did say he had something important to tell me. I just don’t know what I’ll do if he doesn’t want me. In six months I’ll be 18. If I don’t find a mate or someone doesn’t find a way to save the Pearls by then, I’ll but cut off and left outside to die.

But I can’t think about that now.

Mother believed that some people in our world are colorblind, and I must too. I must believe that Jamal is one of those extraordinary people, if they really do exist. But then poor deluded Mother also believed in the kind of love she read about in adventure romance novels. It didn’t help her in the end, did it?

How many times did she quote one of those ridiculous poems by my adopted aunt, the Old World poetess Emily Dickinson? I can almost hear her now, whispering in my ear, remember what Aunt Em says, ‘That Love is all there is / Is all we know of love.’

Not that I ever expect love, if it exists. I just want to stay alive. In a few hours, Jamal will be here and I’ll be ready. To mate, die or find some other way to save the Pearls, those are my choices. Wish me luck.


by eden

Full moon—romantic apocalypse or fodder for adventure romance novels?

March 8, 2012 in Adventure romance tips

The full moon in Virgo is here. While our oh-so-lovely Ethics Officer blogged about whether or not a full moon is a sign of an apocalypse world, I was inspired to blog about the full moon’s so-called effects on love. I’ve read about in everything from adventure romance novels and astrology texts to science fiction and young adult books, but I still don’t know what exactly to believe.

Clearly, the full moon is often used to inspire paranormal and supernatural elements in many young adult books. Think of all the character who turn from humans into werewolves at the sight of a full moon or the psychic phenomena attributed to its presence. It’s also very prevalent in my favorite genre— fantasy romance novels. Characters often have their first kiss in the light of the full moon or realize that they’ve found the one due to the clarity it brings them.

The moon is illuminated partly by direct sunlight, and when it’s “full,” we get to see it in its brightest, fullest state. In a series of amazing adventure romance novels that I recently finished, the protagonist always sees more clearly when there is a full moon. It’s like the truth is illuminated when the moon is full. She achieves the clarity to really hear her inner compass and make decisions about the issues in her life.

In one of my favorite fantasy romance novels, the truth is revealed to the main character when the moon is full. She experiences her first real breakup when the full moon helps reveal her boyfriend’s true character. Luckily, or through serendipity, she also meets the next love of her life during a full moon cycle.

Other young adult books with more of a paranormal romance angle talk about casting spells or invoking spirits during the full moon. It’s thought that magic is most powerful on the night of the full moon, and that spells dealing with otherworldly energies are strongest during this phase. In fact, several occult traditions believe the only time to cast love spells is during the full moon.

Whatever the reality is, all I know is I hope this full moon brings my true love to fruition. I only have a few months left to mate and my relationship with my favorite Coal is kind of a roller coaster. Maybe I’ll cast that love spell… or find my own clarity in its light. I just know I can count on something happening when it’s here.


Adventure romance on a new level—how to date a zombie

February 8, 2012 in Adventure romance tips, Apocalypse World

If you believe that life is one big series of science fiction and fantasy novels, you’re probably very busy preparing for that zombie onslaught we’ve been promised. The thing is, many of us may survive this apocalypse world scenario, so we need to figure out how to cohabitate with the undead and otherworldly. In fact, we may even have to find ways to date zombies—doesn’t that sound like the adventure romance of a lifetime?

Let’s say we’re absolutely immersed in an apocalypse world. Your chance of finding a mate has now dwindled to slimness of anorexic proportions. The odds of becoming the prince or princess of Siberia are probably better than finding a mate, especially if you’re a Pearl. Plus, with dwindling to limited resources, it will be more difficult to look your best and attract anyone at all. If you weren’t forced to find a mate, it probably wouldn’t even register in your thought process. Yet things are different for us—even in the most dire circumstances, the Pearls will still be required to mate, and if we don’t, our population will cease to exist.

While it may sound a bit like settling, you’re going to have to open your mind to the few options you have left. Forget about that list or dream board you created after watching The Secret, because the days of finding a “soul mate” or long gone. It’s time to get real and think about how to attract and have a successful adventure romance with that sexy clump of flesh that has only one thing on its mind—eating brains.

The first step is to wrap your mind around the idea and start thinking positive. You’ve got to make the most of what you have, so what better time than now? Forget about how unattractive all science fiction and fantasy novels and films make zombies appear—you never know what great attributes your dream zombie may have. If he or she died an easy death, then the exterior damage may be rather minimal and their pale bloodless skin may be easy to get used to.

Zombies actually may be perfect candidates for an adventure romance. They have some attributes that are actually quite… attractive. They’re steady, reliable, and always present in the moment. Plus, you’ll always know what’s on their mind—eating other’s brains!


by eden

Doom and gloom in adventure romance novels

October 26, 2011 in Adventure romance tips

I was just starting to believe again—that love exists, and that even though I’m a Pearl, I would find the type of love you read about in adventure romance novels.

Then suddenly, though it’s not really a surprise, Gretchen disappeared. Literally just a day after her 18th birthday. It’s so obvious that they got her. I’ve been working so hard to Save the Pearls, but I couldn’t even save my best friend.What sucks the most is that she actually thought she might have found THE ONE. The one who was going to save her from the fate of a Pearl, the one who was going to show her that true love really does exist, the one who would change her life forever.

Gretchen was always so positive. We shared a love of adventure romance novels, Labradors like Austin, and working for a higher cause. Together, we founded the Save the Pearls movement. We honestly thought we could really make a difference and change things. Now, I’ve got to continue on without her. It’s a scary prospect, but I know I have to honor her by never giving up. I will do this until my time runs out. I don’t care if I get caught and I don’t care what the repercussions are. Even thought we all know I’d much rather be at home reading young adult fantasy romance books.

My emotions are like a roller coaster—one minute I’m depressed and the next I’m angry. I can’t even think about Jamal or us having this relationship that’s right out of some young adult fantasy romance novel. He was totally indifferent when I told him the news. He was like, “Whatever,” and then started telling me some stupid story about what happened earlier at work. I guess Coals just can’t really relate, can they? Now I’m not sure that this whole interracial dating can really work. What I am sure of is that I’m going to spend every waking, breathing moment looking for Gretchen.

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