Doom and gloom in adventure romance novels

October 26, 2011 in Adventure romance tips

I was just starting to believe again—that love exists, and that even though I’m a Pearl, I would find the type of love you read about in adventure romance novels.

Then suddenly, though it’s not really a surprise, Gretchen disappeared. Literally just a day after her 18th birthday. It’s so obvious that they got her. I’ve been working so hard to Save the Pearls, but I couldn’t even save my best friend.What sucks the most is that she actually thought she might have found THE ONE. The one who was going to save her from the fate of a Pearl, the one who was going to show her that true love really does exist, the one who would change her life forever.

Gretchen was always so positive. We shared a love of adventure romance novels, Labradors like Austin, and working for a higher cause. Together, we founded the Save the Pearls movement. We honestly thought we could really make a difference and change things. Now, I’ve got to continue on without her. It’s a scary prospect, but I know I have to honor her by never giving up. I will do this until my time runs out. I don’t care if I get caught and I don’t care what the repercussions are. Even thought we all know I’d much rather be at home reading young adult fantasy romance books.

My emotions are like a roller coaster—one minute I’m depressed and the next I’m angry. I can’t even think about Jamal or us having this relationship that’s right out of some young adult fantasy romance novel. He was totally indifferent when I told him the news. He was like, “Whatever,” and then started telling me some stupid story about what happened earlier at work. I guess Coals just can’t really relate, can they? Now I’m not sure that this whole interracial dating can really work. What I am sure of is that I’m going to spend every waking, breathing moment looking for Gretchen.

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