Fantasy romance and exclusivity

September 28, 2011 in Apocalypse World

When you’re going through the dating and mating process and trying to find the perfect mate, there may be times when you’re uncertain of your relationship status. In our last post, we discussed ways to determine whether your young adult fantasy romance was on the right track or if you’re headed for a romantic apocalypse. Interesting tidbit: Save the Pearls membership rose immediately after that was posted. Perhaps some of our readers put down the young adult books and Harlequin romance novels to spend some time creating quality online dating profiles.

Here are some other ways to know whether it’s time to move on and find a mate or if you’re on the way to that fantasy romance.

A recent poll found that when men buy women gifts, they were more likely to consider the relationship on a serious level and that they may think they’ve found the perfect mate. When the gift is expensive, it’s an even greater indicator that your young adult romance is not just a passing fling. If gifts are never a part of your interaction, it may be a sign that you’re headed right for a romantic apocalypse.

Doin’ the Wild Thing
While no one in the poll said that sexual intimacy indicated exclusivity, it was considered important in a serious adventure romance. However, men also said they consider sex necessary in a serious relationship; this may be why they view it as a critical aspect of dating and mating.

The Total Package

The most important thing is to look for all of the signs. These behaviors should all be taking place if you want your adventure romance to have lasting power. When you’re trying to find a mate and a fantasy romance, it’s best to discuss exclusivity at some point to confirm this isn’t just a whirlwind experience taken from the stories in Harlequin romance novels. Watching for these signs and taking notice of your date’s behavior will help you feel confident that this is a young adult fantasy relationship and not the road to a romantic apocalypse.

Keep checking our posts to learn more about young adult fantasy romance, interracial dating and online dating profiles, while tuning in to Eden Newman and her quest to Save the Pearls.

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