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by eden

Full moons bring adventure romance

November 11, 2011 in Eden's Posts

The full moon is killer tonight. I feel like you could make a wish upon it and the chances it would come true are huge—that is, if you’re not a Pearl. It’s as if none of the good things in life are destined for us—like no Pearl would ever be so lucky to find the adventure romance we all dream of. I’m never giving up, though. I know we’ll find Gretchen and I will avoid that romantic apocalypse everyone warns me about. If I was able to get my story out there, I should be able to do anything, right? If you haven’t read it yet, please do—before it’s too late. You can get it by clicking here. I worry that they’ll shut me down when they find out it’s out there. Even if they do, I’ll find another way to spread the word. I’m looking forward to full moon dreams tonight, and making my wishes come true. What will you wish for?

by eden

The romantic apocalypse hits again

October 28, 2011 in Eden's Posts

I wonder if you all read the article I’ve been blasting out everywhere. If not, click here to learn about the missing Pearl. She didn’t find a mate in time—but it wasn’t just a young adult fantasy romance that she missed out on. She’s gone. No one can find her. I am so sick about it. I haven’t slept since she disappeared, and I’ve been searching everywhere. A few others have been helping me, but everyone’s so scared, they only hang for a little bit. Jamal keeps hitting me up, wanting to see me, but I can’t focus on anything except finding Gretchen. While I hope this doesn’t choke out the chances of my adventure romance growing, she is so much more important to me in this moment. I feel like the police are doing nothing about it either—they think she must have just taken off since she’s an adult now—a single adult. Ugh.

Be present

October 25, 2011 in Apocalypse World

If you’ve been playing the dating and mating game for a while and you finally meet someone you think could be the perfect mate, you may get a little nervous about going on dates and making them fun, bonding experiences. When you’re trying to create a young adult fantasy romance, it’s important to make sure that your dates are memorable… in a good way.

Start by being present—this is one of the best ways for taking the beginnings of a young adult fantasy into the type of adventure romance that’s written about in old school harlequin romance novels. When you’re in the moment, it’s obvious—and not just relevant to trying to find a mate or locking down that young adult fantasy romance. When you stay present, it makes your entire life better and more enjoyable.

Make it a point to truly listen to your date, making eye contact and offering interjections here and there to let them know you’re engaged. If you met through posting online dating profiles on a dating and mating site like Save the Pearls, you didn’t have to worry about this factor at first. In person, it’s an entirely different game. You need to listen and pay attention to the little things when you’re getting to know someone. Even if you’re ultimately not interested in them, they could be the perfect mate for a friend—if you truly listen to what they have to say you may recognize a potential young adult romance they could have with someone else that you’re close to. Guess who’ll get the bouquet thrown their way at the wedding!

Stay connected with the moment—leave your phone in the car so that you’re not texting, checking Facebook, or browsing online dating profiles. Be polite—give the person the same courtesy you expect. When you’re trying to find a mate and a fantasy romance, you just can’t be rude. You never know who your date may know! Plus, it’s practice. Eden Newman shared a video in the “Watch” section of the Save the Pearls site, of her friend who basically experienced her own romantic apocalypse on camera. It was awful—definitely not the basis of a plot for one of her favorite harlequin romance novels. The guy was a jerk, and while he was looking for a fantasy romance, it was not with her, and gave her no attention after he got what he wanted. He actually wanted to pursue an interracial dating situation. Perhaps if they spoke about that and paid attention to each other dying one of their dates, one of them would have recognized this and avoided their whole on-camera romantic apocalypse.

When you want to bring your young adult fantasy to life, being present is an amazing tool. Whether you dream of interracial relationships or an adventure romance, you’ve got to be patient and live in the moment. Sometimes it’s difficult to watch Eden Newman in her quest to find her own fantasy romance—because of her imminent deadline, it’s hard for her to not worry about the future. Yet even if she only has a few weeks left, being present every moment of every day will help her manifest the young adult romance she’s dreaming of.

by eden

I can do it all, right?

October 20, 2011 in Eden's Posts

I decided to name my book is going to be Save the Pearls Part One REVEALING EDEN. It’s almost done, but there’s more to tell, so it’s going to be a two part series. Even though I’m so excited about this fantasy romance I think I’ve found, I am still as determined as ever to continue my quest to Save the Pearls. I never thought I’d really find a mate, especially the perfect mate—but now I think that there may actually still love in this world. I hope that by getting my story down on paper, I’ll be able to help others in time to avoid the whole romantic apocalypse thing we’ve been hearing about since birth. So I am writing every minute of the day that I’m not at work or stealing away to spend time with Jamal. I will not let this adventure romance sidetrack my writing—I can do it all!

Going Back for Seconds

October 17, 2011 in Apocalypse World

When the romantic apocalypse is upon you and there are no prospects for a young adult fantasy romance in sight, it can be tempting to get back together with one who you once thought was the perfect mate. If you’ve managed to stay friends and you know they’re a good catch, rekindling an old flame can seem right out of the stories in Harlequin romance novels and YA fiction. Yet there are a few things to consider before re-establishing that fantasy romance.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to idealize a past young adult romance, especially when dating and mating isn’t going so well. That said, with a little bit of honesty and a new perspective, you may be able to find a mate in an ex and have a successful adventure romance. You’ll also have to be careful to not repeat the same mistakes so you don’t find yourself immersed in another romantic apocalypse. Below are some tips for navigating this delicate area of dating and mating.

Look for change
The reasons you broke up the first time around must be eliminated. If your ex was the perfect mate except for their excessive partying and drug use, then that element has to be gone for this to become the young adult fantasy romance you want. Perhaps you had some control issues that took the young adult fantasy right out of the mix last time—if you’ve tamed those issues, then it’s possible to make it work this time. Or maybe you lived too far apart and now one of you has moved closer. If a behavioral issue was at the core of the relationship’s demise last time around, then make sure to watch for an extended period of time to make sure those changes are real before you reconcile. If your ex was one of your interracial relationships and it caused issues for them, this is probably something that didn’t just go away and this issue will rear its ugly heads again, killing this adventure romance even quicker than before. Eden Newman experienced exactly that type of situation in her quest to save the Pearls.

Take it slow
As with any new young adult romance, it’s tempting to jump right back in. However, the key to making this fantasy romance last is actually to take it slow. If both of you have changed, then you need to get to know each other again and adjust to each other’s transformations. It’s also good to slow down the physical intimacy and treat this just like you would any other brand new relationship. This helps you make more rational decisions and be sure that it’s time to cancel all your online dating profiles and stop trying to find a mate in other people.

Discuss what went wrong the first time around
Even though you don’t want to rehash the ugly past from your original fantasy romance, having an honest discussion about what went wrong the first time can help you avoid those same issues. It’s important to discuss why it was necessary to change and think of ways to avoid the situations that evoke bad feelings or conflict. For this to grow into the kind of young adult fantasy written about in Harlequin romance novels, you’ve got to be open and honest.

Don’t do it to avoid loneliness
Obviously, for Pearls like Eden Newman and all the others who’ve created online dating profiles on the Save the Pearls site, finding a mate is more about survival than avoiding loneliness. There are also those who only seek interracial dating opportunities and interracial relationships, and loneliness is not a factor. However, for some, the quest stems from a fear of being alone, which is the worst reason to rekindle an old flame. Make sure that you miss the actual person, not just having their companionship. Good luck on making this work! Our next post will tackle the subject of interracial dating…

Fun With Flirting

October 12, 2011 in Apocalypse World

When you’re dating and mating, you know you’re on the way to find a mate once you’ve mastered the art of flirting. Whether you’re the same age as Eden Newman (not yet 18) or a successfully mated senior, creating the adventure romance of a lifetime is always a work-in-progress, and we can always continue to refine our flirting skills. It’s key to the success of your young adult fantasy romance and avoiding a romantic apocalypse. Even if you’ve been with your perfect mate for years, a little flirtation keeps the spark of a fantasy romance alive.

Yes, eye contact is instrumental to attract a young adult romance—how many ideas for young adult fantasy movies and Harlequin romance novels were sparked by a longing glance across the room? Yet making that young adult fantasy romance last a lifetime depends more on your dating and mating techniques. After all, we wouldn’t need the Save the Pearls website if everyone already knew how to find a mate and keep them!

Flirting is actually good for you—it mproves your overall wellness. Flirting your way to that fantasy romance boosts endorphins and your immune system! Studies show that people who flirt regularly have higher white blood-cell counts than those who don’t. Having a little adventure romance in your life can help you live longer—and save your life if you’re a Pearl. Even setting up online dating profiles and flirting online can make you happier and healthier.

Bonding in interracial relationships starts with flirting and gaining a common ground together. Flirting transcends cultures borders—two women living in different corners of the world may have nothing in common, except when it comes to attracting attention. They both bat their eyelashes, smile coyly, avert their eyes, and even flip their hair! It’s as if we all have an innate knowledge of how to create a fantasy romance and attract the perfect mate.

Flirting and infusing the young adult fantasy relationship isn’t limited to workplaces, social gatherings or browsing online dating profiles. Some people flirt while driving in traffic! If you’re trying to avoid a romantic apocalypse, you should probably make the most out of every moment of your day. You can also send flirty messages via text or be old school and send notes—many of the romances in Harlequin romance novels began with a simple note.

Keep safety in mind. Sometimes men may misunderstand a woman’s message or mistake routine behavior for flirting. This is also important in interracial dating situations—different cultures and races may communicate differently from each other. These differences must be respected, especially if those involved are searching for serious interracial relationships.

Keep visiting our site to keep track of Eden Newman and her Save the Pearls campaign, as well as her journey of interracial dating and finding young adult romance.

by eden

Her romantic apocalypse = my young adult fantasy romance

September 30, 2011 in Eden's Posts, Fantasy romance

I’m super excited—the boy I’m crushing on slipped a note on my desk today. I saw him do it when I was coming back from my break. Looks like he wants to get some one-on-one time in this weekend. I have no idea what he’s got in store or if he’s just toying with me, but I honestly, my gut tells me it’s going to be rad!! Perhaps it’s my own young adult fantasy romance in the making! I’d just about given up on that ever happening, but maybe this is it. Maybe he’s the one who will save me from my doomed fate. I won’t have to worry about finding a mate through Save the Pearls and I’ll actually experience what my mother always told me about—true love. I never believe it truly existed in this apocalypse world

My co-worker is sooo jealous and keeps trying to ruin my game. I saw her trying to flirt with him earlier today, when I was coming in to work, but he wasn’t even making eye contact with her. Funny, because she’s a Coal just like him, so you’d think he’d be all over that. Just goes to show that he’s not scared of interracial dating at all. Looks like her romantic apocalypse = my young adult fantasy romance.

Not that I don’t want everyone to find their perfect mate–I want everyone to avoid a romantic apocalypse! But she never lets me forget I’m a just a Pearl. She’s mean and conniving and always has something horrible to say. Sometimes I truly think she’s evil. Anyways—she’s whatever and now I’m wondering what this weekend has in store. Time for a mani-pedi and some relaxation time, maybe I’ll read a YA novel or young adult fantasy romance book and put my feet up for a minute.

This Save the Pearls stuff can be a little exhausting.

Fantasy romance and exclusivity

September 28, 2011 in Apocalypse World

When you’re going through the dating and mating process and trying to find the perfect mate, there may be times when you’re uncertain of your relationship status. In our last post, we discussed ways to determine whether your young adult fantasy romance was on the right track or if you’re headed for a romantic apocalypse. Interesting tidbit: Save the Pearls membership rose immediately after that was posted. Perhaps some of our readers put down the young adult books and Harlequin romance novels to spend some time creating quality online dating profiles.

Here are some other ways to know whether it’s time to move on and find a mate or if you’re on the way to that fantasy romance.

A recent poll found that when men buy women gifts, they were more likely to consider the relationship on a serious level and that they may think they’ve found the perfect mate. When the gift is expensive, it’s an even greater indicator that your young adult romance is not just a passing fling. If gifts are never a part of your interaction, it may be a sign that you’re headed right for a romantic apocalypse.

Doin’ the Wild Thing
While no one in the poll said that sexual intimacy indicated exclusivity, it was considered important in a serious adventure romance. However, men also said they consider sex necessary in a serious relationship; this may be why they view it as a critical aspect of dating and mating.

The Total Package

The most important thing is to look for all of the signs. These behaviors should all be taking place if you want your adventure romance to have lasting power. When you’re trying to find a mate and a fantasy romance, it’s best to discuss exclusivity at some point to confirm this isn’t just a whirlwind experience taken from the stories in Harlequin romance novels. Watching for these signs and taking notice of your date’s behavior will help you feel confident that this is a young adult fantasy relationship and not the road to a romantic apocalypse.

Keep checking our posts to learn more about young adult fantasy romance, interracial dating and online dating profiles, while tuning in to Eden Newman and her quest to Save the Pearls.

by eden

It’s a new moon tonight

September 28, 2011 in Eden's Posts

Tonight’s a new moon. That means new beginnings—and I’ll take that. I finally spent some one-on-one time with my guy today and now I know the attraction is mutual. No question about it. He told me he’s been in interracial relationships before and that race doesn’t matter to him at all. Him saying that makes him even hotter. Now I wonder what’s next—I know for sure that he wants to hang out outside of work, so I guess I have to just wait and see. I’m going to let him make the first move, even though we both know he holds all the cards.

Maybe I will avoid my romantic apocalypse after all.

He loves me, he loves me not

September 27, 2011 in Apocalypse World

Here is a dating and mating question from a friend of Eden Newman. In her quest to save the pearls and find a mate so she can experience a young adult fantasy romance, Eden’s met many other girls who are also looking for their perfect mate.

“My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and he still hasn’t said he loves me. When we first met, he told me that he doesn’t think he’s a capable of love but he that he was trying to find a mate. Should I ask him directly if he loves me yet? If I’m not his perfect mate, I want to know that so I can move on and start dating and mating.”–Forever waiting for the L-Word

Ouch, that sounds less like a young adult fantasy than a romantic apocalypse. When a man tells you something about himself, it’s best to believe what he says. While in Harlequin romance novels or young adult romance books, sometimes the heroine has to endure a struggle to convince the man she loves that he loves her too, this is real life, not a fantasy romance.

By staying with him, you’re telling your boyfriend that you’re okay with being in this young adult romance, even if he doesn’t love you. Regardless of how happy you are with him, you need to talk to him about his feelings. If he still doesn’t love you or believe in love, you’re just wasting your time, when you could be browsing online dating profiles and finding your own fantasy romance. Avoid your own romantic apocalypse and seek what you deserve: a young adult fantasy romance.

Eden Newman recently shared how she was willing to wait for the real deal, an adventure romance like the kind she used to read about in Harlequin romance novels. Whether you seek interracial relationships or are trying to help save the pearls, visit to learn more about the cause and what young adult fantasy is really about. Set up your online dating profiles and start that journey towards your own adventure romance.

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