The romantic apocalypse hits again

October 28, 2011 in Eden's Posts

I wonder if you all read the article I’ve been blasting out everywhere. If not, click here to learn about the missing Pearl. She didn’t find a mate in time—but it wasn’t just a young adult fantasy romance that she missed out on. She’s gone. No one can find her. I am so sick about it. I haven’t slept since she disappeared, and I’ve been searching everywhere. A few others have been helping me, but everyone’s so scared, they only hang for a little bit. Jamal keeps hitting me up, wanting to see me, but I can’t focus on anything except finding Gretchen. While I hope this doesn’t choke out the chances of my adventure romance growing, she is so much more important to me in this moment. I feel like the police are doing nothing about it either—they think she must have just taken off since she’s an adult now—a single adult. Ugh.

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