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by eden

Wardrobe for a post apocalypse world

November 24, 2011 in Apocalypse World, Eden's Posts

While the rest of the world packs to go away for Thanksgiving, I’m packing for the post apocalypse world. Right now, I’m getting girly-girl for a minute to think about what clothes we would need. I wonder if I’d still have to find a mate, worry about some fantasy romance or still try to save the Pearls. I got ideas for some of the items from science fiction and fantasy books, and others from Uni-Gov propaganda.

Obviously, I think you need a lot of the same stuff you’d need for Burning Man. A large, sturdy hat like a Russian Bomber Hat is a no-brainer in the apocalypse world—and it looks cute. Wool socks, goggles, dust mask, rain coat, long underwear, gloves, and gas mask are other must-haves. These outfits sound just perfect for attracting some fantasy romance—ha!



by eden

The romantic apocalypse hits again

October 28, 2011 in Eden's Posts

I wonder if you all read the article I’ve been blasting out everywhere. If not, click here to learn about the missing Pearl. She didn’t find a mate in time—but it wasn’t just a young adult fantasy romance that she missed out on. She’s gone. No one can find her. I am so sick about it. I haven’t slept since she disappeared, and I’ve been searching everywhere. A few others have been helping me, but everyone’s so scared, they only hang for a little bit. Jamal keeps hitting me up, wanting to see me, but I can’t focus on anything except finding Gretchen. While I hope this doesn’t choke out the chances of my adventure romance growing, she is so much more important to me in this moment. I feel like the police are doing nothing about it either—they think she must have just taken off since she’s an adult now—a single adult. Ugh.

What to wear for young adult romance

October 27, 2011 in Apocalypse World

When you’re trying to find a mate, you always want to make a stellar first impression. While we always hope that we’ll find a young adult fantasy romance based on our inner beauty, the truth is, when you’re dating and mating, your potentially perfect mate is most likely judging you on your physical appearance. Plus, your attire and style reveals a lot about your personality.

While a great outfit may not affect your date’s impression of you, a bad outfit most definitely will hinder your chances for a young adult romance. We polled our dating and mating experts for some tips on finding attire that will improve your chances of obtaining that perfect adventure romance with the perfect mate.

A standard rule, even when you’re not trying to find a mate for a fantasy romance, is that being underdressed is always better than being overdressed. This is true for the whole courting period of a young adult fantasy romance, but especially on first dates. More importantly, make sure you wear something that makes you feel confident and good about yourself.

Women should choose flattering silhouettes and nothing too revealing or tight—you want to attract an ideal young adult romance not a one night stand. Don’t show too much skin or cleavage, but choose your best asset and wear something that showcases it. Make sure your outfit fits well so you’re not adjusting it the entire date. Eden Newman shared one of her interracial dating experiences with us—she went super casual to a dinner hosted by her Coal boyfriend’s sister, who was appalled by her flip flops.

Men should avoid extremes when dressing for their potential adventure romance—it’s not the time to try out a new look. Wear something simple and classic. Even if it’s casual, avoid crocs or running shoes (unless your date entails working out). No matter what, stay away from white socks! The object of your fantasy romance will run away fast, even if she’s wearing stilettos.

These are also good principles to keep in mind when creating online dating profiles on a website like Save the Pearls. You want your date to be attracted to you as a whole, not because you’re falling out of your blouse. While you’re looking for the ideal young adult fantasy relationship, you need to look like yourself in your online dating profiles, not your fantasy of what you look like. While avoiding a romantic apocalypse requires intense effort, you should by no means fabricate your looks in order to attract a date.

Stay tuned to Eden Newman as she works to Save the Pearls while avoiding her own romantic apocalypse.

Making it a fantasy romance again

October 21, 2011 in Apocalypse World

After dating and mating for awhile, you find the perfect mate and are suddenly immersed in the perfect young adult fantasy romance. It’s heaven for a bit, but then the honeymoon period ends and that adventure romance hits a little bump in the road. How do you improve the relationship and avoid a romantic apocalypse?

Even the most amazing fantasy romance and love stories from Harlequin romance novels hit rough patches. The good news is, it doesn’t mean you have to start your quest to find a mate again. The relationship just needs a little more fantasy romance in the form of fun and spontaneity. Dating and mating successfully is a work-in-progress. Eden Newman forwarded this awesome question and asked us to share some tips for keeping your adventure romance intact so you don’t have to start browsing online dating profiles again.

Be present
With all that we have going on in our lives, coupled with the population’s addiction to technology that keeps us constantly connected, it can be difficult to be present in the moment. Take time every day, with some extended blocks of time during nights and weekends, to disconnect from everything else and give your young adult romance a little quality time. Block out some time that is just for your relationship and nothing else—turn off all your phones, computers, iPads, etc. and just listen to your partner and really connect. Your perfect mate needs to know you are really there and present for them, and they will be able to tell the difference when you’re multitasking, even if it’s subconsciously.

Laughter is key to keeping that young adult fantasy romance alive and healthy. Do something together that makes you laugh, whether it’s going to a funny movie or something silly like playing video games at the arcade—just anything that you both think is hilarious.

Get out of your comfort zone
Another way to boost your fantasy romance is to do things that gets you both out of your comfort zone. When you find a mate, it’s easy to fall into a routine that may lead to a rut. Consciously plan to do things you’ve both never done, whether as daring as skydiving or bungee jumping to simply trying a new type of food. On the Save the Pearls website, your profile asks for the top five things on your bucket list, and those items actually improve the appeal of many online dating profiles.  Tackle items like that if you’re feeling ambitious! Either way, trying something new or daring makes you grow individually and is bonding. Even the characters in harlequin romance novels are usually forced to get out of their comfort zone, and the result is usually an unforgettable young adult romance.

Dedicate time for dates
Make sure you have time that is sacred and uninterruptable for your relationship. Schedule date nights and leave your phone in the car during dinner. Set aside a few time periods per week that you won’t sacrifice for anything else. Even Eden Newman has to put aside her campaign to save the pearls so she can cultivate her young adult fantasy relationship.

Focus on the good

The best way to avoid a romantic apocalypse is to focus on its polar opposite: the good in life. Take time remember and appreciate what you love about your partner—and let them know exactly what you’re thinking. Focus on what is really making you happy in your life and talk about it and try to manifest more of it. For example, if your relationship is troubled by the type of issues that often accompany interracial relationships, instead of dwelling on those aspects, focus on what you both have in common and enjoy. When Eden was navigating her own interracial dating experience, she focused only on what attracted her to her partner, not what the rest of her world was thinking. No matter what, don’t blame your partner for the imperfections in your life and relationship.

Going Back for Seconds

October 17, 2011 in Apocalypse World

When the romantic apocalypse is upon you and there are no prospects for a young adult fantasy romance in sight, it can be tempting to get back together with one who you once thought was the perfect mate. If you’ve managed to stay friends and you know they’re a good catch, rekindling an old flame can seem right out of the stories in Harlequin romance novels and YA fiction. Yet there are a few things to consider before re-establishing that fantasy romance.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to idealize a past young adult romance, especially when dating and mating isn’t going so well. That said, with a little bit of honesty and a new perspective, you may be able to find a mate in an ex and have a successful adventure romance. You’ll also have to be careful to not repeat the same mistakes so you don’t find yourself immersed in another romantic apocalypse. Below are some tips for navigating this delicate area of dating and mating.

Look for change
The reasons you broke up the first time around must be eliminated. If your ex was the perfect mate except for their excessive partying and drug use, then that element has to be gone for this to become the young adult fantasy romance you want. Perhaps you had some control issues that took the young adult fantasy right out of the mix last time—if you’ve tamed those issues, then it’s possible to make it work this time. Or maybe you lived too far apart and now one of you has moved closer. If a behavioral issue was at the core of the relationship’s demise last time around, then make sure to watch for an extended period of time to make sure those changes are real before you reconcile. If your ex was one of your interracial relationships and it caused issues for them, this is probably something that didn’t just go away and this issue will rear its ugly heads again, killing this adventure romance even quicker than before. Eden Newman experienced exactly that type of situation in her quest to save the Pearls.

Take it slow
As with any new young adult romance, it’s tempting to jump right back in. However, the key to making this fantasy romance last is actually to take it slow. If both of you have changed, then you need to get to know each other again and adjust to each other’s transformations. It’s also good to slow down the physical intimacy and treat this just like you would any other brand new relationship. This helps you make more rational decisions and be sure that it’s time to cancel all your online dating profiles and stop trying to find a mate in other people.

Discuss what went wrong the first time around
Even though you don’t want to rehash the ugly past from your original fantasy romance, having an honest discussion about what went wrong the first time can help you avoid those same issues. It’s important to discuss why it was necessary to change and think of ways to avoid the situations that evoke bad feelings or conflict. For this to grow into the kind of young adult fantasy written about in Harlequin romance novels, you’ve got to be open and honest.

Don’t do it to avoid loneliness
Obviously, for Pearls like Eden Newman and all the others who’ve created online dating profiles on the Save the Pearls site, finding a mate is more about survival than avoiding loneliness. There are also those who only seek interracial dating opportunities and interracial relationships, and loneliness is not a factor. However, for some, the quest stems from a fear of being alone, which is the worst reason to rekindle an old flame. Make sure that you miss the actual person, not just having their companionship. Good luck on making this work! Our next post will tackle the subject of interracial dating…

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