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Why I love Molotov cocktails

May 3, 2012 in Apocalypse World


As your resident zombie expert, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about annihilating the undead. Everyone has their preferred methods, whether it’s with a shotgun, AK-47, grenade, liquid nitrogen or my personal favorite, the machete. While it’s all good to shoot ‘em up in sci-fi films or fantasy and adventure books, you’re going to have to make the most of what you’re working with in a post apocalypse world—and that means save the ammo and don’t get close enough to a zombie to wave your machete in their face.

To fully prepare ourselves for zombies, we’re going to have look further than post apocalyptic books and movies. We’ll need to get in the best physical shape possible, learn important skills like hand-to-hand combat, gun safety and machete wielding, and develop our resourcefulness. Since we have no idea how much ammunition we’ll need once the apocalypse hits, we’ve got to develop methods for zombie killing that require the least amount of supplies. I therefore propose the perfect weapon for obliterating undesirables—The MOLOTOV COCKTAIL.

The Molotov Cocktail, aka the petrol bomb, is the perfect way to get incendiary on some zombie a$%. It’s like a poor man’s grenade—they’re cheap, effective and anyone can make them. I’m not sure why they’re not featured more prominently in post apocalyptic books and films, because they actually provide stunning visual imagery. Just imagine yourself running from a horde of flesh-eating creatures that are lusting after your brains—and with a few quick moves, you’ve set the entire group ablaze. It’s like the perfect opening for a series of urban fantasy books. Ahh… bliss.

This simple, handheld device is made from a glass bottle filled with a flammable liquid like gasoline, kerosene, alcohol or any other napalm-like mixture. A makeshift wick is formed from a fuel soaked rag that’s held in place by the bottle’s stopper. When it’s time for deployment, the wick is ignited and flung at the target. When the bottle smashes, the flammable substance ignites and becomes a raging fireball. In urban fantasy books and movies, we see Molotov Cocktails takes out entire mobs, but in a real post apocalypse world, it’s best to not count your zombie killings until you see them burn.

I’ve read in a few fantasy and adventure books that other flammable liquids can be used, such as wood alcohol or turpentine mixed with a thickening agent like tar, sugar, blood, laundry detergent or dish soap to create a cloud of thick smoke. It’s probably best to stick to the time-tested formulas above, but in case of emergency those are some viable options to try.

by eden

Romantic apocalypse… a beautiful mess

January 25, 2012 in Eden's Posts

There’s a bit of ecstasy in a romantic apocalypse —I really believe this. It’s so easy to get addicted to the tug of war and the push and pull of the love that cannot be or the one you can’t find. No matter what the reason behind it, there’s something about it that you just can’t let go of. I guess it must be like heroin to a junky—you know that hit may possibly kill you, but you can’t do without it. You don’t want to do without it.

Weren’t some of the most famous fantasy romance novels Romeo and Juliet and Gone With the Wind? Wasn’t Casablanca one of the most popular movies of all time? Everyone loves to watch the despair between two people whose love is out of their hands, yet so consuming and gut wrenching that they will endure anything to be with that other person. Even death. Yes, it’s very much an addiction, possibly worse than any drug—because you can feel everything no matter how addicted you are to this kind of tumultuous love. You feel the pain and the uncertainty with every waking breath—sometimes even in your sleep. It sneaks into your dreams like an evil demon that chases you and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get away.

There’s a reason why some call it an adventure romance. It’s not about two people going on some fun adventure together, hiking through some new mountain or sailing off on a booze cruise. It’s the twists and turns they have to endure to be together, the uncertainty and permanent state of limbo. The adrenaline rush of knowing you’re about to see the love of your life—and the not knowing if it will be the last time you ever see them.

When I originally started my campaign to save the pearls, I was dead set against finding a mate. I didn’t want an adventure romance, didn’t believe it really existed. I thought it was like an iconic screen star of the past—the epitome of glamour and perfection, bringing each scene to life effortlessly and without doubt. Something to think about when you look at how much the world has changed.

Now here I am, possibly on the brink of my own romantic apocalypse. Jamal says we’re going to mate, but he’s yet to set a date. He keeps pushing it off, but my time is running out. I should be working on finding another mate with my limited free time. Instead, I’m trying to save the pearls and reading fantasy romance novels, searching for some key to unlocking the success of my own. In the meantime, I’m getting more and more attached to the painfully delicious ups and downs of this feeling. It’s like a rollercoaster I never want to get off of.

Will I or won’t I survive my own romantic apocalypse? I suspect that I may need to get off the rollercoaster if I want to live past my 18th birthday. Yet if I somehow do, whether Jamal finally lives up to his word, I find another or my father’s experiment works, will I be destined to a life filled with the horrific ecstasy that is connected to this kind of relationship? It’s hard to figure out which is better.


by eden

Will the Winter Solstice bring me fantasy and adventure?

December 22, 2011 in Eden's Posts

I’m excited about the winter solstice. While to some, it’s just the shortest day and longest night of the year, or the first day of winter, for me it’s a time to reflect on the past year and make my goals for 2012. It’s a time to make wishes and lay out a plan to bring them to reality. While my obvious goal is to save the pearls, I also want the next year to bring me all the fantasy and adventure possible—for as long as I’m still here anyway.

The days getting longer represents a message of hope—before long, the end of the cold, darkest season will be here. Instead of thinking about the impending romantic apocalypse, you can start hoping and planning for dreams to come true. It’s a time to hibernate, but not in a depressive way—instead, it’s a time to go inward and reflect.

The darkness comes and it goes—over the next few days, I’m going to think about everything that I really want and see how I can make it all happen. While my obvious priority is to save the pearls, there are other things I am dreaming of—but it would all be turned upside down if we find ourselves in an apocalypse world. In the next few days, I am going to state my goals, rest and re-energize myself for the coming months and year. I’m going to follow pagan footsteps and meditate on how I will bring fantasy and adventure into my life in a good way. While my overall theme is to avoid a romantic apocalypse, I am going to reach even higher. What will you wish for this solstice?

If you’re wishing for love and are wondering if it really exists, check out this blog post on fantasy romance.


by eden

Creating the perfect adventure romance

December 10, 2011 in Apocalypse World

We’ve received a lot of emails lately with members asking how to turn their stale relationship into the adventure romance of their dreams. This is a great question—we turned to some of our dating and mating experts to see what tips they had for creating the kind of relationship that will sustain a lifetime in an apocalypse world.

First off, all men crave adventure, so it’s important for women to make them feel like they don’t have to give up their adventurous side when they settle down. In fact, you want to inspire and encourage your mate to do adventurous things, with and without you. If you can add elements of fantasy and adventure into the relationship, neither one of you will get bored.

This doesn’t mean you have to climb Mount Everest and run marathons—though that could be cool—it’s about being willing to get out of your comfort zone. It can be as simple as trying exotic foods, going on road trips, getting couples massages or taking a surprise vacation. Think about when you read about romance in young adult books—the protagonist’s life always is an adventure, and they usually end up with the one they want, don’t they?

Just being open to new experiences is sexy and shows that you’re confident and fearless. That alone is enough to spice up a relationship with all the fantasy and adventure you need. It may have to be when we find ourselves in an apocalypse world, as we won’t have access to luxuries like vacations or massages. By becoming adventurous now, you’ll have the tools you need to stir the pot with some adventure when your resources are more limited.

Even if you’re single at the moment, start upping your adventurous ante now, so that when you find a mate, he’ll see that side of you and be ready to cross mountains and rivers to be with you. Observe friends who are in satisfying relationships, read young adult books to see what the protagonists do, and stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone every chance you get.




What to wear for young adult romance

October 27, 2011 in Apocalypse World

When you’re trying to find a mate, you always want to make a stellar first impression. While we always hope that we’ll find a young adult fantasy romance based on our inner beauty, the truth is, when you’re dating and mating, your potentially perfect mate is most likely judging you on your physical appearance. Plus, your attire and style reveals a lot about your personality.

While a great outfit may not affect your date’s impression of you, a bad outfit most definitely will hinder your chances for a young adult romance. We polled our dating and mating experts for some tips on finding attire that will improve your chances of obtaining that perfect adventure romance with the perfect mate.

A standard rule, even when you’re not trying to find a mate for a fantasy romance, is that being underdressed is always better than being overdressed. This is true for the whole courting period of a young adult fantasy romance, but especially on first dates. More importantly, make sure you wear something that makes you feel confident and good about yourself.

Women should choose flattering silhouettes and nothing too revealing or tight—you want to attract an ideal young adult romance not a one night stand. Don’t show too much skin or cleavage, but choose your best asset and wear something that showcases it. Make sure your outfit fits well so you’re not adjusting it the entire date. Eden Newman shared one of her interracial dating experiences with us—she went super casual to a dinner hosted by her Coal boyfriend’s sister, who was appalled by her flip flops.

Men should avoid extremes when dressing for their potential adventure romance—it’s not the time to try out a new look. Wear something simple and classic. Even if it’s casual, avoid crocs or running shoes (unless your date entails working out). No matter what, stay away from white socks! The object of your fantasy romance will run away fast, even if she’s wearing stilettos.

These are also good principles to keep in mind when creating online dating profiles on a website like Save the Pearls. You want your date to be attracted to you as a whole, not because you’re falling out of your blouse. While you’re looking for the ideal young adult fantasy relationship, you need to look like yourself in your online dating profiles, not your fantasy of what you look like. While avoiding a romantic apocalypse requires intense effort, you should by no means fabricate your looks in order to attract a date.

Stay tuned to Eden Newman as she works to Save the Pearls while avoiding her own romantic apocalypse.

Making it a fantasy romance again

October 21, 2011 in Apocalypse World

After dating and mating for awhile, you find the perfect mate and are suddenly immersed in the perfect young adult fantasy romance. It’s heaven for a bit, but then the honeymoon period ends and that adventure romance hits a little bump in the road. How do you improve the relationship and avoid a romantic apocalypse?

Even the most amazing fantasy romance and love stories from Harlequin romance novels hit rough patches. The good news is, it doesn’t mean you have to start your quest to find a mate again. The relationship just needs a little more fantasy romance in the form of fun and spontaneity. Dating and mating successfully is a work-in-progress. Eden Newman forwarded this awesome question and asked us to share some tips for keeping your adventure romance intact so you don’t have to start browsing online dating profiles again.

Be present
With all that we have going on in our lives, coupled with the population’s addiction to technology that keeps us constantly connected, it can be difficult to be present in the moment. Take time every day, with some extended blocks of time during nights and weekends, to disconnect from everything else and give your young adult romance a little quality time. Block out some time that is just for your relationship and nothing else—turn off all your phones, computers, iPads, etc. and just listen to your partner and really connect. Your perfect mate needs to know you are really there and present for them, and they will be able to tell the difference when you’re multitasking, even if it’s subconsciously.

Laughter is key to keeping that young adult fantasy romance alive and healthy. Do something together that makes you laugh, whether it’s going to a funny movie or something silly like playing video games at the arcade—just anything that you both think is hilarious.

Get out of your comfort zone
Another way to boost your fantasy romance is to do things that gets you both out of your comfort zone. When you find a mate, it’s easy to fall into a routine that may lead to a rut. Consciously plan to do things you’ve both never done, whether as daring as skydiving or bungee jumping to simply trying a new type of food. On the Save the Pearls website, your profile asks for the top five things on your bucket list, and those items actually improve the appeal of many online dating profiles.  Tackle items like that if you’re feeling ambitious! Either way, trying something new or daring makes you grow individually and is bonding. Even the characters in harlequin romance novels are usually forced to get out of their comfort zone, and the result is usually an unforgettable young adult romance.

Dedicate time for dates
Make sure you have time that is sacred and uninterruptable for your relationship. Schedule date nights and leave your phone in the car during dinner. Set aside a few time periods per week that you won’t sacrifice for anything else. Even Eden Newman has to put aside her campaign to save the pearls so she can cultivate her young adult fantasy relationship.

Focus on the good

The best way to avoid a romantic apocalypse is to focus on its polar opposite: the good in life. Take time remember and appreciate what you love about your partner—and let them know exactly what you’re thinking. Focus on what is really making you happy in your life and talk about it and try to manifest more of it. For example, if your relationship is troubled by the type of issues that often accompany interracial relationships, instead of dwelling on those aspects, focus on what you both have in common and enjoy. When Eden was navigating her own interracial dating experience, she focused only on what attracted her to her partner, not what the rest of her world was thinking. No matter what, don’t blame your partner for the imperfections in your life and relationship.

Going Back for Seconds

October 17, 2011 in Apocalypse World

When the romantic apocalypse is upon you and there are no prospects for a young adult fantasy romance in sight, it can be tempting to get back together with one who you once thought was the perfect mate. If you’ve managed to stay friends and you know they’re a good catch, rekindling an old flame can seem right out of the stories in Harlequin romance novels and YA fiction. Yet there are a few things to consider before re-establishing that fantasy romance.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to idealize a past young adult romance, especially when dating and mating isn’t going so well. That said, with a little bit of honesty and a new perspective, you may be able to find a mate in an ex and have a successful adventure romance. You’ll also have to be careful to not repeat the same mistakes so you don’t find yourself immersed in another romantic apocalypse. Below are some tips for navigating this delicate area of dating and mating.

Look for change
The reasons you broke up the first time around must be eliminated. If your ex was the perfect mate except for their excessive partying and drug use, then that element has to be gone for this to become the young adult fantasy romance you want. Perhaps you had some control issues that took the young adult fantasy right out of the mix last time—if you’ve tamed those issues, then it’s possible to make it work this time. Or maybe you lived too far apart and now one of you has moved closer. If a behavioral issue was at the core of the relationship’s demise last time around, then make sure to watch for an extended period of time to make sure those changes are real before you reconcile. If your ex was one of your interracial relationships and it caused issues for them, this is probably something that didn’t just go away and this issue will rear its ugly heads again, killing this adventure romance even quicker than before. Eden Newman experienced exactly that type of situation in her quest to save the Pearls.

Take it slow
As with any new young adult romance, it’s tempting to jump right back in. However, the key to making this fantasy romance last is actually to take it slow. If both of you have changed, then you need to get to know each other again and adjust to each other’s transformations. It’s also good to slow down the physical intimacy and treat this just like you would any other brand new relationship. This helps you make more rational decisions and be sure that it’s time to cancel all your online dating profiles and stop trying to find a mate in other people.

Discuss what went wrong the first time around
Even though you don’t want to rehash the ugly past from your original fantasy romance, having an honest discussion about what went wrong the first time can help you avoid those same issues. It’s important to discuss why it was necessary to change and think of ways to avoid the situations that evoke bad feelings or conflict. For this to grow into the kind of young adult fantasy written about in Harlequin romance novels, you’ve got to be open and honest.

Don’t do it to avoid loneliness
Obviously, for Pearls like Eden Newman and all the others who’ve created online dating profiles on the Save the Pearls site, finding a mate is more about survival than avoiding loneliness. There are also those who only seek interracial dating opportunities and interracial relationships, and loneliness is not a factor. However, for some, the quest stems from a fear of being alone, which is the worst reason to rekindle an old flame. Make sure that you miss the actual person, not just having their companionship. Good luck on making this work! Our next post will tackle the subject of interracial dating…

Creating killer online dating profiles

October 14, 2011 in Apocalypse World

Are you fed up with dating and mating in the bar scene but are ready for the perfect young adult fantasy romance? Is it time to create some online dating profiles so you can find a mate? If so, here are some tips for making the best online dating profiles for the Save the Pearls site or any other dating and mating websites designed to help you attract the perfect mate and avoid a romantic apocalypse. Your profile can be the roadmap to your own young adult fantasy.

Start with a drop-dead photo—just make sure it truly looks like you. The next step for getting that young adult romance in motion is to write a description of yourself. Here are a few tips for creating an amazing piece that conveys the real you, written by dating experts and our Save the Pearls serial dater, Eden Newman, in her quest to find a mate for her ideal fantasy romance.

Start with a draft. When you’re writing your description, create a rough draft first. You definitely want to proofread it and perhaps look at it the next day to make sure you’re saying what you want to. While you’re not trying to submit this to a publisher of Harlequin romance novels, you don’t want it to be riddled with errors.

Keep it real. A young adult fantasy romance isn’t actually built on fantasies. If you hate sports, don’t say you love them. While we all want a fun adventure romance, it needs to be adventure that you like. If you’re seeking interracial relationships, be honest about your background. Interracial dating is not easy, so you want to be sure your potential date is open to it if you are.

Don’t worry about perfection. Think of your profile as a work-in-progress. You can always add and delete elements as you search for the perfect mate. Eden Newman shared that she tweaks hers regularly, as she learns more about what she wants from her fantasy romance.

Simplicity is Key. No need to use elaborate vernacular unless you do so on the regular. Stay away from curse words, text-message style abbreviations like OMG and LOL, or urban slang to attract interracial relationships. That type of thing can seem pretentious and inauthentic.

Have fun with it. Most importantly, have fun with your profile. This is the first step in creating an adventure romance and avoiding a romantic apocalypse. Love can be like the stories written about in Harlequin romance novels—enduring, passionate and loyal. You are the creator of your own young adult fantasy. If you seek others interested in interracial dating or a mate who truly believes that young adult romance exists, gear your profile to attract that type of person.

Keeping it as hot as fantasy romance novels

September 14, 2011 in Fantasy romance

When you’re trying to find a mate and the perfect young adult romance (while avoiding the romantic apocalypse), it’s important to accept that it takes work. Dating and mating can be fun, but it’s also a practice that takes thought and effort—especially if you’re looking for the kind of love we read about in fantasy romance novels and young adult fantasy fiction.

When you’re trying to find a mate, it isn’t just about your mate-rate. This is why we’re sharing some tips from dating and mating experts that were shared with Eden Newman on how to create and maintain a with your perfect mate.

It’s important to keep the romance alive and fresh. Remember how exciting it was when you were browsing online dating profiles and “discovered” your current mate? Even the most exciting adventure romance has the potential relationships tend to fizzle out and lose the excitement. No matter what, the honeymoon phase will end and the mature feelings of actually being in love will come along. This is especially difficult because we love that first phase of the young adult romance—it’s a whirlwind of butterflies and the stuff that Harlequin romance novels are made of.

These times are passionate and exciting—you want to spend every minute with your perfect mate, they’re all you can think about and you’re never bored. The concept of romantic apocalypse is unfathomable. Everything is new and fresh, especially if you’re interracial dating. There is so much to learn and experience about the other person! You barely realize it when this phase starts to wane, but it will. What’s most important about keeping this young adult fantasy romance alive is that both partners are fully aware of the fact that this is a phase and just the beginning of a fulfilling relationship, not the end.

You can, however, prolong the honeymoon phase. Start by NOT spending every living, waking moment with each other. Keep doing everything you were doing when you were trying to find a mate, except checking out online dating profiles, lol. Instead of spending every day together, try spending every other day. This gives you the potential to double the length of the honeymoon phase. One, because you’re not spending so much time together and two, because it builds anticipation and makes you miss each other. Believe it or not, a little absence can increase the element of romance in any relationship. If you run out of ideas, check out some fantasy romance novels for some inspiration.

Another critical element of keeping the adventure romance alive is to maintain your life and your friends. Never give up nights out with your girlfriends or bros! This gives you fun things to talk about, keeps you balanced and enriches your life overall. If you have a passion, stick to it! For example, Eden Newman has dedicated her life to the Save the Pearls campaign. If she were to abandon it because she met a guy, we would all have major problems! She would also ultimately lose her man, though, because no one can have all of their partner’s energy directed to them and only them. Again, we’re not saying to go do everything you were dong before, like browsing online profiles or going out and hooking up, but to maintain your passions, hobbies, career, causes and friendships.

Even the most exciting interracial relationships can become routine in real life. Therefore, make a concerted effort to spice things up. Schedule date nights yet be open to spontaneity as well. This is a young adult fantasy romance, not a job—you can change the rules and make things fun whenever you want.

Never stop dating! This is key to keeping the element of young adult fantasy alive in your relationship. Take time to do new things together—this will help you bond with your loved one and maintain your zest for life. If you’re one who is interested in interracial relationships, there may be some different cultural things that you can show each other—definitely the recipe for fun and excitement.

Keep the compliments coming. Women need to feel beautiful and men like to feel manly. Give a heartfelt compliment whenever you can. Be creative and sincere.

Whatever you do, don’t get too comfortable or take your mate for granted—it’s a surefire way to kill your young adult fantasy relationship. Stay tuned to for information on save the pearls and tips on interracial dating, creating online dating profiles and increasing your mate rate.

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